It is very easy - just a few taps - to get started! You should use this app in various situations like:

  • Do not want to get a SIM card nor rely on a mobile network
  • Want to be spared from any additional fees/charges and just rely on one app. Do not want to maintain any Talktime or balance or validity vouchers.
  • Want to turn iPad or iPod (or an iPhone) to a dedicated messaging device to stay connected with family
  • Want to avoid any challenge/limit around international roaming fees
  • Want to send personal text messages and/or video calls with your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend, privately!
  • The business requires to be connected to specific partners.
  • Want to have a very Private Phone number which you can share with a few special ones, and want to stay connected to them even if they are not using TextApp.
  • And situations can be many more, but these are good enough to explain.

TextApp is a preferred choice when you experience any such needs. 

You only need a private or open wifi - basically just internet - and presto! Your TextApp number is prepared to work for you!

There is no need to maintain any balance to chat or talk using WiFi number. Only outgoing Sim calls/SMS requires Credit balance.

What you need to maintain to keep your membership active is - by paying a little month to month (or per week/year) subscription fees, which is still lower than a chocolate bar!