TextApp gives ample options to select preferred pricing plan from the options (for the people in the US) as below:

Pro plan to use WiFi calls & messages -

  • Try for just USD 4.99 the first month (and then USD 8.99 for the following months)

  • USD 5.99 for a week with an absolutely free 3 days trial!

  • USD 69.99 for a year

Pro+ plan to use WiFi calls and messages + Sim calls and texts -

  • USD 4.99 for a week

  • USD 9.99 for a month

  • USD 99.99 for a year

Please note: The plans are for US AppStore, and are likely to differ. We run various geography-specific offers, prices are changed (mostly reduced where we have a large user base) from time to time. To know the exact cost in your geography, please visit the app store page and refer to premium plan options. 

To learn accurate applicable plan prices, when you open the app for the first time, it shows all the pricing options available to you in your specific geography. Alternatively, if you have the TextApp installed, please go to the Settings screen and tap Subscription Info to learn more.

The fees are applied to your AppStore account, and it renews automatically unless canceled or expired. 

The yearly plan is most preferred amongst our users - it also has 80% cost saving to a user, however, you can select or switch to other available plans too.