Once you download the app from AppStore and install:

  1. Open the app.

  2. The app will show introductory slides. you can Continue or tap skip.

  3. After that, please select a plan of your choice from 3 options (under Pro and Pro+ categories) and proceed to subscribe.

  4. After a successful subscription, it will show you a screen to set your TextApp WiFinumber.

  5. Enter a 7-digit number of your choice, to use as your WiFi number. The number is prefixed with +T123-xxxxxxx, where x represents a digit.

  6. Confirm the number.

  7.  If the entered number is available, it will be assigned to you.

  8. If you have purchased the Pro plan, you will see step 9, skipping the process to get a Sim number. If you have purchased a Pro+ plan, you will be able to select your own Sim number. Confirm the selected number to get & use it as a Sim number. This will enable you to communicate to real-world phone numbers.

  9. Thereafter, the app will request necessary permissions like Push Notification, Camera, Gallery Access. For a smoother experience, please allow them.

  10. Once that step is completed, you will be shown home screen and you can start making a TextApp call immediately.